PCF8575 IO Expander Module I2C To 16IO Integrated Circuits For arduino


PCF8575 Module
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PCF8575 Module
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    Are you out of I/O pins? This powerful module allows users to scale up to 16 I/O’s with just two I/O controls! The PCF8575 is controlled through I2C interface and has 16-bit quasi-bidirectional input/output pins.
    On an on-board 3.3V level converter circuit, the level of PCF8575 is 3.3V if the VCC-VDD soldering plate is not welded. If welded, the level will be the same as the VCC

    Available library: PCF8575
    Working voltage: 2.5-5.5V DC
    Operating current: 100mA (MAX)
    I2C address: 0x20 (default), which can be modified by welding the A1 and A2 selection MATS.
    Sixteen individually addressable pins.
    Each pin can be configured as input or output
    Open leak interrupt output pin for input change interrupt.
    Ideal for UNO R3 and other MCU control simple relays, buzzers, buttons, leds.

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