Huidu LED display Video processor HD-VP620 HD-VP820 HD-VP1220 HD-VP1620 for large led display


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Hd-vp620/ vp820/ VP1220/ VP1620 is a 2 in1 video processor, which integrates the functions of synchronous sending card and video processor, supports 4K source video signal input and dual picture output, supports multi-channel video source arbitrary switching, audio input and output, etc.

HD-W00: 320×32 pixels

HD-W02(512×32 pixels)


HD-VP620 is one powerful 2-in-1 controller which with six network ports output, support dual live video windows integrated video processing and sending card
functions. It product supports 4K input and is a cost-effective video processor for
mid-to-high-end video control equipment in the LED large-screen display, performance and rental, studio and other markets.

Video input interface—1 high-definition video input (HDMI), 1 digital video
interface (DVI), 1 DP interface, 1 analog input (VGA), 1 extended EXT input
interface (DVI or SDI, standard with DVI ). Audio input and output—HDMI/DP audio input, 1 independent analog audio input, 3 to 1 to send to the audio output. Debug control interface-square USB port (Type B), Wi-Fi. Dual screen layout—support dual screen function, picture-in-picture PIP, picture-outside-picture POP. Input resolution adjustment—In DVI/HDMI/DP input mode, it supports preset and
custom adjustment of common input resolutions. Support 6 network port output-maximum load 3.9 million pixels, maximum width
8000, maximum 3840. Set-and-save—The set-and-save technology solves the user’s cumbersome setting
and manual storage process, the user no need to manually save after adjusting or
adjusting the parameters, and the user parameters are automatically stored in
EEPROM, even if the power is turned off After the power failure, the parameters
before the power failure remain in the device. Save template function—it can save the current settings, up to 8 groups of template
parameters, and save the parameters to the corresponding mode, which is convenient
for customers to call directly. Key lock — lock the keys to prevent accidentally pressing the operation keys to
change settings during operation


1)Integrated video processing, sending card function, 6 gigabit network port output, total pixels 3.9 million points;
2)5-channel high-definition digital and analog video input, up to 4K@60Hz input;
3)Multiple audio input and output;
4)Support dual pictures PIP、POP;
5)Free switching of any channel;
6)Parameter setting and saving function, scene preset saving and recall;
7)”Navigation Settings” function, convenient for quick settings;
8)The “connection setting” function no need computer control, and directly sets the
connection parameters of each cabinet through the panel buttons;
9)The device can be debugged and controlled through panel buttons, USB, Wi-Fi
(mobile APP, developing);

Download and Technical Support

// (sofware/specification/instruction manual)

Setup password:168 Wifi connection password:88888888

APP: LedArt (directly search in app store or scan the QR)


Q: How can I get technical support?

A: We can provide technical support by phone by whatsapp wechat, or technician can be sent to customer for tranning.

Q: How can i get the goods?

A: We can deliver the goods by express or by sea, pls contact us to select the most favorable delivery way.

Q: How can i pay for the order? Is safe enough?

A: Yes, we provide trade assurance.payment will be taken untill you confrim the goods received in good condition.


Bundle 1

Model Number

HD-VP620/ VP820/ VP1220/ VP1620

Brand Name



Mainland China



Control range

3.9 / 5.2 /7.8 / 10.4million pixel


led display


Huidu VIDEO procerssor

Resale brand



input & output

U-disk Play

Not support


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