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Rotating LED electronic clock

Features: The electronic clock adopts the principle of digital tube display design, adopts the design of plug-in components, and has high success rate. Contains six Time animation, effective display of time and various functions. LED flashing light includes four offline animation display modes, lighting effects The fruit is very decorative, bringing a good aesthetic to the home and table. The electronic clock is alternately displayed with time and temperature. Precise and with power-down memory travel time function. With an alarm clock function, it can be turned off. With light control function, according to the environment Adjust the brightness.

Circuit principle:

Using single-chip microcomputer as the main control, use DS1302 travel time chip to provide accurate travel time clock source, combined with digital tube And LED lights show specific time values. Combined with the temperature light intensity detecting element, it can achieve the brightness adjustment and temperature check attached. Test function. The control button of the single chip is combined with the necessary key input adjustment function, and the clock sound is processed by the single chip and then beep.

Common Problem

1. The welding sequence is wrong. It is recommended to solder the LED lamp first, then solder the back component, solder the digital tube, and finally insert the chip.

2. LED lights pay attention to the positive and negative poles, long legs and positive poles.

3. The chip notch and the base notch must be consistent with the notch identified on the board.

4. Buzzer pay attention to positive and negative poles, long foot positive pole, resistance resistance value to follow Consistent on the logo.

5. The triode should be inserted in the same shape as the board.

6. The digital tube pays attention to the direction, and the decimal point is below.

7. Power supply pay attention to the positive and negative poles, the power supply DC voltage is 5V.

8. Check for solder shorts and solder joints. This phenomenon is common.

9. If the display is abnormal or the time is not gone, remove the DS1302 and buttons. Battery, then plug in the DS1302, do not plug in the battery, and then power on, Put the battery on after normal.

10. If the individual lights are not lit, check the solder shorts of the unlit lights and Soldering, check it, and change the light if it is not lit.

11. If the four digital tubes have the same segment code that is always on and highlighted, Some LEDs are also always on because of an electrostatic breakdown of an LED. a digital tube that causes a single-chip pin to share with this lamp.



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