80pcs/lot Logic IC Electronic Component Kit, 74HC00D 74HC04D 74HC08D 74HC14D 74HC138D 74HC164D 74HC165D 74HC595D SOP ICs chip

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There have 8values 10pcs for each, total 80pcs

74HC00 74HC00D SN74HC00D SOP-14
74HC04 74HC04D SN74HC04D SOP-14
74HC08 74HC08D SN74HC08D SOP-14
74HC14 74HC04D SN74HC04D SOP-14
74HC138 74HC138D SN74HC138D SOP-14
74HC164 74HC164D SN74HC164D SOP-14
74HC165 74HC165D SN74HC165D SOP-14
74HC595 74HC595D SN74HC595D SOP-16

Package List:

80pcs Logic IC Electronic Component Kit


1.Comprehensive Assortment: The kit contains 80 logic ICs, offering a wide selection of popular 74HC series chips. It provides convenience and versatility for various electronic projects and circuit designs.

2.SOP Packaging: All ICs come in SOP (Small Outline Package) for ease of use and compatibility with modern electronic systems. The SOP package offers space-saving benefits and is suitable for surface mount technology (SMT) applications.

3.High-Quality Components: Our logic ICs are sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring reliable performance, accurate logic functions, and low power consumption. They are designed to meet industry standards for quality and durability.


1.Digital Circuit Design: These logic ICs are essential building blocks for digital circuit design. They can be used in various applications, including counters, timers, multiplexers, decoders, shift registers, and more.

2.Microcontroller Interfacing: Logic ICs play a vital role in interfacing microcontrollers with external devices. They facilitate data transfer, signal processing, and control functions between the microcontroller and other peripherals.

3.Prototyping and Education: The 80pcs Logic IC Electronic Component Kit is an ideal choice for prototyping, experimentation, and educational purposes. It allows enthusiasts, students, and hobbyists to learn and explore the world of digital logic circuits.

4.DIY Electronics: Whether you are working on robotics, home automation, or custom electronic projects, this kit provides a wide range of logic ICs to support your DIY endeavors.



Model Number

74HC00D 74HC04D 74HC08D 74HC14D 74HC138D 74HC164D 74HC165D 74HC595D

Operating Temperature


Dissipation Power


Supply Voltage







Logic ICs

Brand Name



Mainland China


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