Fuente de poder 5V 12V 24V 36V


12V 10A 120W12V 15A 180W12V 1A 12W12V 20A 250W12V 2A 25W12V 30A 360W12V 33A 400W12V 3A 36W12V 40A 500W12V 50A 600W12V 5A 60W24V 1.5A 35W24V 10A 250W24V 15A 360W24V 16.5A 400W24V 2.5A 60W24V 20A 500W24V 25A 600W24V 5A 120W36V 10A 360W36V 11A 400W36V 14A 500W36V 16.5A 600W48V 10A 500W48V 12.5A 600W48V 7.5A 360W48V 8.3A 400W5V 10A 50W5V 15A 75W5V 20A 100W5V 2A 10W5V 40A 200W5V 5A 25W
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Choose an option
12V 10A 120W
12V 15A 180W
12V 1A 12W
12V 20A 250W
12V 2A 25W
12V 30A 360W
12V 33A 400W
12V 3A 36W
12V 40A 500W
12V 50A 600W
12V 5A 60W
24V 1.5A 35W
24V 10A 250W
24V 15A 360W
24V 16.5A 400W
24V 2.5A 60W
24V 20A 500W
24V 25A 600W
24V 5A 120W
36V 10A 360W
36V 11A 400W
36V 14A 500W
36V 16.5A 600W
48V 10A 500W
48V 12.5A 600W
48V 7.5A 360W
48V 8.3A 400W
5V 10A 50W
5V 15A 75W
5V 20A 100W
5V 2A 10W
5V 40A 200W
5V 5A 25W
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Product Description

Input Voltage:  AC110V/240V

Output Voltage: DC 5V/DC12V/DC24V /DC36V/48V

Output Current: 0~60A

Shell Material: Metal case / Aluminum case

Safety Compliance: CCC / Rohs/CE

High price-effective, reliability with industry standards

Built-in over voltage, over current, and short circuit protection

Working Temperature: 0~40C
Storage Temperature: -20~60C
Ambient Humidity:  0~95% Non-Condensation


Package include:

1piece  power supply

Note: The power supply is subject to the actual weight

power supply 5V 2A
power supply 5V 5A
power supply 5V 10A
power supply 5V 15A
power supply 5V 20A
power supply 5V 30A
power supply 5V 40A
power supply 5V 60A




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Output Frequency


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