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3.7-5V Mini Bluetooth Stereo Audio Receiver Board Module With Mic for arduino MP3 Player Bluetooth Lossless Decoder Board Type-C


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3.7-5V Mini Bluetooth Stereo Audio Receiver Board Module With Mic for arduino MP3 Player Bluetooth Lossless Decoder Board Type-C

Bluetooth 5.0 Type-C

Product name: MP3 Bluetooth decoder board

USB power supply: Universal TPYE-C 5V power supply

Power supply: DC3.7~5V

Signal-to-noise ratio: 90db

THD+N: -70db

Crosstalk: -86db

DNR: 91db

Support configuration: A2DP/AVCTP/AVDTP/HFP

Service level: > 5 meters

Shipping list:

Bluetooth decoder board X1

Bluetooth 5.0 With microphone and switch

Power supply: 3.7-5V

Signal-to-noise ratio: 90DB

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise: -70dB

Crosstalk: -86DB

Support profiles: A2DP/AVCTP/AVDTP/AVRCP/HFP

Transmission distance: 15M (open without partition)

Decoding format: WAV+APE+FLAC+MP3 lossless decoding, stereo output

BT5.0-Audio PRO new features:

While charging and discharging:

This product has a circuit of charging and discharging, which can be powered by USB power supply, and truly realize the function of charging and discharging. Solve the pain points that some products cannot be used during charging.

When powered by a single USB: the red light flashes, indicating that the power supply is normal.

When powered by a single battery: the yellow light is always on, indicating that the battery power is normal; the yellow light is flashing, indicating that the battery is low.

When the USB and the battery are connected at the same time: the red light flashes to indicate that the battery is being charged; the red light is always on to indicate that the battery is fully charged.

(Note that if the USB input is suddenly disconnected during the charging and discharging process, there will be a few seconds of interruption due to the switching of the charging and discharging mode, and then the Bluetooth will automatically restart, automatically connect and maintain the previous playback state)

Incoming call voice call function:

After the Bluetooth connection is complete, turn on the call audio mode in the Bluetooth settings. If the phone calls, you can answer or hang up the call through the PLAY/STOP button. You can choose to send the call from the microphone of the original headset (provided that the headset has the call function, which is 4-stage) or send the call from the onboard microphone

When the computer sound card is used:

Solder the pads in the two boxes corresponding to the Sound Card on the back of the module, and then connect it to the computer USB interface through the usb cable, which can be used as a sound card. That is, the sound played by the computer is output through the audio interface of the module. (not enabled by default)


MP3 decoder board*1

Bluetooth 5.0 With APP control


1. There are two options for power supply: USB and battery

2. One key switch

3. Automatically connect back

4. Stereo output lossless decoding

5. Bluetooth APP compatible control


Product Name: DIY Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver Module

Working voltage: 3.7-4.2V lithium battery or MicroUSB 5.V

Wireless control: Bluetooth/APP

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Communication distance: 15 meters (maximum)

Operating temperature range: -40℃~85℃

Steps for usage:

1. Select a suitable speaker and connect it according to the wiring diagram.

2. Connect the power supply from the input terminal, the blue LED flashes quickly, and enters the Bluetooth pairing mode.

3. Search “XY-ABT” on the mobile phone, click “XY-ABT” to complete the connection and a prompt tone will be played.

4. The bluetooth LED enters a long light state, indicating that the module is successfully connected and waiting for playback.

5. Open the mobile phone playback software to play music, the blue LED flashes slowly and enters the playback state. Note: This is a music decoder and needs to be connected to the amplifier first, then the speakers.

6. If APP control is required, open the Sinilink APP on the mobile phone and register an account.

7. Select the device ‘Sinilink-APP’ connection module.

8. Users can adjust the volume through the phone, select the next or previous song, play/pause

9. If disconnected, the module will beep.

Product List:

Bluetooth decoder board*1

VHM-314-V2.0  Bluetooth 5.0 With buttons

Bluetooth 5.0 Red 3W

Bluetooth decoder board – DIY

Support Bluetooth 4.1, support automatic connection back function, support WAV+APE+FLAC+MP3 lossless decoding, stereo output.

PowerSupply: 3.7V-5V

SNR: 90dB

THD+N: -70dB

Crosstalk: -86dB

DNR: 91dB


LOS: >15m

USB power supply: Micro USB 5V power supply

3.7V-5V power supply: realize external 3.7V-5V lithium battery power supply

LED indicator: blue light long on in bluetooth mode

3.5mm stereo audio interface: standard 3.5mm interface, output stereo sound, can be inserted into headphones, connected to power amplifiers and other equipment

VHM-314 Bluetooth 5.0 Micro USB interface

Product name: MP3 Bluetooth decoder board

Item model number: VHM-314

USB power supply: Micro USB 5V power supply

Power supply: 3.7-5V

Signal-to-noise ratio: 90db


Crosstalk: -86db

DNR: 91db


Coverage distance: > 5 meters

Dimensions: 30x30x8mm

Bluetooth version: 5.0





Model Number


Operating Temperature

diy electronic kit

Dissipation Power

bluetooth module

Supply Voltage



Automotive sound module





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Mainland China

feature 1

audio bluetooth module

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diy bluetooth speaker kit

feature 3

bluetooth amplifier board

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Audio amplifier board

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amplifier bluetooth module




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