1PCS Relay Module Optocoupler Relay Arduino 5V 12V 24V Relay Output 1 2 4 6 8 Channel Relay Module Trigger Board Shield


1 channel 12V relay1 channel 24V relay1 channel 5V relay2 channel 12V relay2 channel 5V relay4 channel 12V relay4 channel 24V relay4 channel 5V relay6 channel 12V relay6 channel 24V relay6 channel 5V relay8 channel 12V relay8 channel 24V relay8 channel 5V relay
Choose an option
Choose an option
1 channel 12V relay
1 channel 24V relay
1 channel 5V relay
2 channel 12V relay
2 channel 5V relay
4 channel 12V relay
4 channel 24V relay
4 channel 5V relay
6 channel 12V relay
6 channel 24V relay
6 channel 5V relay
8 channel 12V relay
8 channel 24V relay
8 channel 5V relay
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product description:
1. This module complies with international safety standards, and there are isolation slots between the control area and the load area;
2. Use genuine relays;
3. With power supply and relay operation instructions, it is bright when it is closed, but not when it is disconnected;
4. When there is a signal at the signal input terminal, the common terminal and the normally open terminal will be conducted;
5. It can be used as a single-chip development board module, and can be used as a home appliance control;
6. Control DC or AC signal, can control 220V AC load;
7. There is a normally open and a normally closed contact;
8. It is more convenient to connect the blue KF301 terminal to the control line.

Electrical parameters:
Voltage version: 5V/12V/24V
Quiescent current: 5.5mA
Working current: 42mA
Trigger voltage: 0-4V
Trigger electricity: 3mA

Wiring mode of 1 relay module
1. Power LED indicator
2. Signal input terminal
3. Connect GND to the negative pole of the power supply
4. Connect VCC to the positive pole of the power supply
5. Relay LED indicator

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